Why use a VPN service?

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Initially, the VPN technology was created for the business purposes. Company workers were able to connect to their workingplace network, while browsing the web from the remote place elsewhere in the world, for example at home. The companies needed secure connection to prevent the valuable data from being leaked into the hands of hackers. Today the VPN is still used for that purpose, however, mainly it is now used by the individuals to secure their own data while browsing the web.

The VPN connection provides several benefits. It secures your data while browsing the web, and you get the possibility to choose the IP address from any region in the world. All of this indicates that today Internet users might get a lot of useful things while using the VPN. They are as follows:

  • Securing the data while connecting to the public network
  • Accessing the content, not available in your country
  • Visiting restricted sites
  • Escape control
  • Stop ISP tracing
  • Avoid price inequity

It seems like the VPN technology makes a lot of things possible for everyone. There are gamers, who apply the VPN in their gaming activities.

VPNs make it safe to use Public Wi-Fi. Here is why.

Everyone likes connecting to the free public wi-fi and browse the internet for hours using it. But still, you expose a lot of your valuable data for undesired actions.

Here is a brief overview of the public internet connection. First, it is not safe, since just anybody might access your data. Some experienced hackers might easily trace your activity, steal passwords and so on.

Illustration of the dangers of free public Wi-Fi

The hackers might steal your data from the bank accounts, use your personal chats to determine your weak areas, for which they might get money from you. Moreover, they might steal your ID information to use it in their own purposes, like take a loan for your name. And these are only few examples.

But when you turn on the VPN application, when surfing the web in the public place, you will then be secure that the hackers will not get your data. All they will be able to see is the encoded cypher, which is impossible to decode. It resembles owning your individual wi-fi spot, where nobody can steal your data.

Stream from anywhere

Interesting fact: streaming platforms provide different content for citizens of different countries in the world. Imagine that you started watching an extremely interesting series and then went to the holiday in another country, hoping that you will continue watching your favorite season. However, it appears, that the series is not supported in the country you just came to. That is a problem. Who would have thought that this might happen?

But do not worry. The most outstanding programmers of this world have designed what we call the VPN. Therefore, you are welcome to connect to any server from every available region of the world. Just select your home country from the list of available servers and here you are! You can now continue watching your favorite series in the country, where it is restricted!

Access blocked websites

It occurs that when you want to visit a specific site on the Internet from another network, it often might be restricted by that provider. For example, kids are restricted from spending their time on social networks at schools. But what if there is something urgent or something important for their education?

The VPN technology will help you to overcome any restrictions, which might be posed by the provider or government. Connecting to it, your device becomes hidden in a tunnel, from which it is possible to gain access to any content or website, which you could not access before.

Generally, when you download the VPN application to your device, it means that now you can access everything that you could not before.

Avoid censorship

Some countries are more democratic than others. And in those, which are less, there is a huge restriction of numerous services. The brightest example is China, which does not allow its citizens to use all the Google, Twitter, and Facebook services. So, it is not only these three websites or apps, but also all their additions, like YouTube, Instagram, Messenger and so on. People do not even have access to our usual well-liked FaceTime app. You may think that it will not touch you but imagine if you decide to travel to Asian countries. Then you immediately will stumble upon such problems. In this case the VPN will save your trip and enable you to access all these services.

When you will turn the VPN on, all your connection will be transmitted through the server, located in another region, where all your needed websites are allowed.

Evade tracking

This is an important matter. ISP means Internet Service Provider. In short, these are firms that provide you an access to the internet. Companies like Sky, AT&T, Verizon and other can monitor all your activities in the Internet. Except watching you, they can also stock all the data from your actions.

By the way, ISP companies in United Kingdom stock all the data from your activities the whole year. Everything you do online is stored by those firms. Furthermore, in the USA such companies can stock all the data and sell it very expensively not even asking your agreement. The buyers of such information are usually marketing companies.

Using a VPN prevents your ISP from being able to keep tabs on what you’re doing online.

If you need defense from such arrangements, use VPN. Such service allows you to encode all your browsing history permitting only you to observe it. Nothing happens without your own decision. Therefore it assists to…

Prevent price discrimination

What is price discrimination? It is a process when companies offer diverse prices to diverse people depending on their material status. And unfortunately, such things occur every day.

Price discrimination is made easier, when companies have access to your location. If you live in some expensive cities like Paris or New York, you probably have higher salaries and able to pay more for some products. Thereby you are more likely to be exposed to overpriced offers. The most often it occurs in airline industry, nevertheless it happens everywhere. The first reason why it happens is the companies’ desire to earn more.

VPN helps you to change your location, therefore you become protected from such phenomenon as price discrimination.

Using a VPN can help you avoid higher prices based on your location

If it appears strange and horrible to you, there is one more example of such selling your personal data: talking about USA and the abilities of the companies to make profit from your own browsing history, there is one more benefit for advertisers: they can overprice those products, that you use most frequently.

Here is the most detailed example: You have been watching your lovely TV series in the Internet and now it ends, and you wait with anticipation for a new season. And on the release day of that season you see that now you are to pay to watch it. Why does it happen? The answer is simple: your provider knows that you really love those series and starts to earn money from you. In order nor ro let this happen you can use VPN. Your ISP will not know what you are doing and thereby can’t sell that information.

Why is online privacy so important?

With the expansion of the internet industry, it becomes easier for IPS to make all your life exposed to huge number of ads and promotions in order to earn more money. Today more and more people spend their time online in searching systems, social networks, entertaining applications from App Store and so on. Therefore, everyone is likely to be monitored all the time. The reasons why IPS store your personal data are either to make money with promotions or due to the state’s needs.

Personal data of everyone should remain personal. It is vital to keep it under protection from such tracking and stocking by providers. And it’s up to you whether to be under the observation by your state, suffer from cyber attacks and see different tempting promotions by advertising companies the whole time or to use VPN and protect your life.

Explanation of a shield in the middle of the various connected devices

For the purpose to find out why is it so dangerous, imagine some hackers, using your “protected” data to make all the necessary benefits from your activities online to have access to your credit cards, financial information and just personal matters.

While tracking your activities in the Internet, your ISP can find out all the information about what you like to eat, drink watch. your own behavior and likings. The matter is that it shall remain confidential and only you should have the access to it.

You may not even realize all the horrible consequences, when the authorities constantly watching after you, and try to learn more about yourself. They have all the necessary abilities to prohibit you to do from everything they want in the Internet. And basing on your likings, which they are constantly tracking, they can force you to do illegal things online. Now, you should think whether it’s safe enough to trust your government and allow them use your personal data.

Everything can change badly in one second, even without your notice of it.

And it’s not up to you to decide for others whether to protect their personal information or not. If you believe that you do everything right, according to the moral code and do not have anything to be secreted from the authorities, don’t assume that you are the only one in the world. Every one has the right and freedom of speech and no one should abandon others from it.

Each of us has secrets and we all want to hide them. It is not right to watch the personal matters of an individual, suppressing all the freedom of thought and speech, granted to us. If you know, that you are being tracked, you won’t even dare to move your finger. It can be used against you in the future.