What does a VPN do?

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Fundamental principles of VPN are very important and crucial. In our company everyone believes that personal information must remain personal in any way, and the breach of that fact ruins the world from inside. Unfortunately, a lot of people still do not understand all the impact of VPN, saying it’s needless.

In order to make those people believe in the necessity of VPN it’s better to show what happens to your personal data without protection.

How data is transferred with and without a VPN

Nowadays, almost everything starts to happen online: purchasing different products, paying utility bills and financial transactions. And therefore, a lot of information comes directly into the net and becomes unsecured.

There is a perfect example what not utilizing a VPN looks like. Imagine that your personal data is your furniture, and you have a huge house, filled with that furniture. And every day you go to work and leave the entry door open believing that nobody will come in. But in our contemporary world nothing and nowhere is safe, don’t forget about it. Everyone wants to live and thereby to earn some money for leaving. A lot of people do it illegally by stealing. And the same thing may happen to you. And now you should think more than twice whether to leave that door open for everyone?

Neighborhood is the whole Internet and houses located in it are servers. Therefore, all of the houses in your neighborhood communicate with each other’s, exchange some information (websites) and of course own your confidential data when you are online. Maybe some of that information is useless, but what about numbers and passwords of your credit cards?

You might think that HTTPS does the job, but it’s ok.

HTTPS protects all the data that is transmitted among the website and the browser that an individual use. An image of the lock and a green line in the browser address designates the HTTPS. While connecting to outdoor WI-FI your personal data will be defenseless at any time even though HTTPS during searching online offers some kind of protection. If we remind the analogy with the house, it is similar as if we close the door, but do not lock it. The level of protection is higher, but not the highest, and still vulnerable.

Without using VPN you may suffer horrible consequences whether through the home network or outdoor Wi-Fi. At home, you are under constant supervision by your internet provider, who tracks all the information. What about outdoor Wi-Fi networks – they are very defenseless against hackers, who can obtain any information they want from your device in a few seconds.

On the contrary, VPN protects your gadget and personally you from leaks of essential information, as the core of that info is not your own IP address anymore. You use server to hide your location and browsing history. VPN protects you from hackers and government issues, discussed in foregoing paragraphs. All your data is fully encoded with VPN, so you are always calm.

Common reasons for using a VPN

There are the variety of motives why persons utilize VPN. Different people want different kinds and levels of protection, therefore some of them utilize VPN for particular needs, and other just to increase the existing security, granted by antivirus programs.

The most popular and general reason of utilizing VPN is not to let anyone (government, Internet providers, marketing agencies etc.) to trace and stock your personal activities online.

Additional motive that makes a lot of people use VPN is their desire to access restricted sites in their country, such as Netflix, streaming content, or just to avoid specific restriction laws of the state.

Ultimately, why people use a VPN is to have greater anonymity online. In a day and age where revelations of public data being used in shady ways have become a daily occurrence, keeping private information private is more vital than ever.

Finally, the last reason of utilizing VPN is to gain more privacy for the person. Nowadays it’s incredibly hard to stay untouched and hide, everyone knows a lot about everyone. Therefore each of us try their best to protect our confidential information from others.