What does a VPN do/ What is VPN protection?

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This technology enables Internet users to use another network while surfing the Internet. There are several reasons why people may use VPN. The most popular are that they want to access a website, which is prohibited in their areas or maybe they do not want to lose their data while using public wi-fi connection.

However, the initial purpose for developing the VPN was not the way how it is used today. Primarily, people used VPN to be able to connect with their colleagues in a single private network or simply to access the business network from any place.

This technology operates in a way that it transmits your traffic to another network, which, in its turn, provide you numerous benefits. Like we said, they include accessing closed networks or connecting to the remote network just from where you are.

What Is a VPN and How Does It Help Me?

To put it simply, the service transmits your connection to another network in another device, which is referred to as a server. You just surf the Internet using the gadget’s network. The server may be located anywhere in the world. Therefore, connecting to it you will receive access to various resources, prohibited in your country.

Here is the list of the basic things, which VPN provides for the users:

  • Use any websites and web-resources regardless of the country where you are.
  • Enjoy streaming services.
  • Avoid unreliable Internet connections.
  • Hiding your real location while surfing the Internet
  • Getting more security while using Torrent.

It is very common nowadays to use a VPN for ensuring safety while using public network, or getting access to movies and shows, which cannot be accessed in your country. One more thing for which the VPN is used is to download content through torrent and not to get caught.

How Do You Get a VPN, and Which One Should You Choose?

There are many ways to work with a VPN. You may connect to the network just from your workplace or to develop VPN server from your home. The most common reason why users apply VPN is to get the content which cannot be accessed in their country or to do some torrenting and not get caught.

The simplest way to connect another network for surfing the Internet is just visit some of the below websites and download the client, which is available for any device with any OS.

  • ExpressVPN – the service is quite cheap and is very simple to learn how to use. It enables accessing data or torrenting easily and safely.
  • Tunnelbear – a good option for those, who want to protect themselves from the unreliable connections. It also provides a free trial. However, it is not as good for watching movies or using torrent.
  • StrongVPN – it takes some time and effort to understand all the features of the server and make out how to use it, however, it is quite great for watching media content and torrenting.
  • ExaloVPN – the best option compared to the price and the functions you get. It is easy to use and does not confuse with options you don’t need.

Do not be afraid to lose your money if the application does not fit you. Every server offers you a free trial to realize whether it is good for you.

How Does a VPN Work?

Turning on the VPN on your device or gadget means that you are connecting the network of another device located elsewhere in the world. VPN is a security software that protects your internet connection. It also allows you to send and receive data safely connecting to a remote server anywhere in the world. One more interesting fact that the VPN technology allows its users to have access to any content which is not available in their countries or regions. You will also have to protect your data while using a public network and VPN is the most excellent solution to this issue.

While surfing the Internet through the computer, connected to the VPN, you get the access to the site by means of the encoded VPN link. All the signals and actions are processed through the server, to which your computer is connected. For example, if you are visiting a website using the Italian server, the website will see you as an Italian user.

Other Example Uses for VPNs

In their essence, VPNs are extremely easy and plain. However, they enable users to do numerous actions:

  • Connect workplace network from anywhere in the world: this technology is common among those, who travel regularly, but still need to be connected to their business network. All the data is transmitted through the single network; therefore, it is safe and reliable.
  • Connect to the domestic network from anywhere in the world: there is a possibility to create your own private network for the purpose of connecting to your local home network. In this way you will be able to work through the desktop of your home computer, accessing files on it and so on.
  • Protect your surfing history from other users, connecting to the network: while you are connected to any public network, it is vital to secure your activity from anyone, who might watch what you are doing. The simplest way to get more security is to be connected to the VPN. When someone tries to see your activity, he will see nothing but the stable VPN security network. Remember that even if your Internet provider will not be able to track your activity, the VPN provider will still be able to track see your actions.
  • Visit resources, blocked in particular regions: if you are a citizen of the USA and while travelling you want to watch a Netflix series, which is not available in that region or country, you can connect the VPN server and enjoy any content you want.
  • Avoid Internet Restriction: the most amazing example is the Chinese people, who are avoiding Chinese restriction of specific resources throughout the Internet. Though, the Chinese government is consistently working to prevent their people from watching undesired content.
  • Getting Access to the Content: the truth is that a lot of people apply VPN to be able to get various files onto their computer with the help of torrent. This helps not only when you are trying to get illegal content, but also when you feel that the downloading process might be far quicker. In this case, VPN technology helps the torrent to save files faster.