What Does “Zero Logs” Mean?

Zero Logs means that the VPN service you are using does not record any data about your movements on the world wide web. ExaloVPN is such a VPN provider.

You must comprehend the contrast between use logs and service logs.

Service Logs:

  • Metadata about your service, for example,
  • The time you interface with a VPN
  • For to what extent you are associated
  • How frequently you interface with a VPN
  • Amount of information devoured

Use Logs:

  • Your online action while associated with a VPN
  • Websites you visit
  • Identities you use

See the distinction? Use logs are the most settling. A few suppliers keep service logs temporarily (a couple of hours to three days), which is a sensible practice for investigating.

Note: If a supplier does not refer to erasing service logs – stay away.

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