What does “no logging” mean?

Every time, when something happens on the computer, it is recorded. And it can be used in different ways. For example, sometimes it assists technical specialists to find out the core problem when the computer has stopped an action occurs on the computer, this event is recorded in the record. All the servers have possibilities of storing massive amount of data that is processed on the computer.

At the time, when you connect to the server, it starts to gather all the data. Every VPN provider has prescribed and limited volume of the information that it can gather from your activities online, which can be found in its privacy policy. As you always do, don’t forget to read thoroughly the privacy policy of your VPN provider, that offers you its services. In spite of everything, if those providers have full access to your browsing history, doesn’t it make VPN services worthless in terms of your personal confidentiality?

“No logging” policy, which many of VPN suppliers offer to you implies that they do not gather the information from your activities in the Internet. It’s obligatory for VPN suppliers to have this factor. As it was mentioned above, the only data, which they may possess about you are two IP addresses (yours and the server’s) and the method of your payment.

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