Does a VPN make me anonymous?

Regardless of how a VPN-company publicizes itself, VPNs give security, not secrecy. This is based on the grounds that the VPN server can see everything that your ISP typically can.

Notwithstanding, in contrast to your ISP, great VPNs do not log this data and, in this way, give a lot of more elevated levels of protection than you typically have when riding the web. Indeed, even these, in any case, will begin to log data whenever summoned or gave a coupling court request.

No VPN staff are going to chance prison for you! Does this mean VPNs are pointless for protection? Not in the least. Such legitimate moves are exceptionally focused against people of intrigue, so are not a danger to the security of most normal VPN clients.

The Edward Snowden’s of this world be that as it may, who require significant levels of genuine obscurity, should utilize the Tor Network as opposed to VPNs to ensure their personality.

ExaloVPN does not log anything about your traffic on the internet. Therefor we don’t meter your bandwidth because if we do we are logging something, right? Beware, VPN aubscriptions that are subject to bandwidth limitations do some form of logging.

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