Can I still be traced online when using a VPN?

If you use your credit card, while buying the VPN service, your identity might become known to your VPN supplier. Of course, those payment ways which use Bitcoin (that is virtual currency) as currency may help you to remain your personal info under protection, but even that fact is not fully proved yet. There are only two things, that your VPN provider have to know about you and your doings in the Internet: your IP address and such address of the server of your connection, despite the fact, that they possess your identity data.

There is one good feature of VPN that allows you to protect your browsing history: an IP address of the server, to which you are connected can be both yours and another person’s, who is also connected to that server. It helps to avoid tracking after you, making incredibly difficult for Internet providers to find out what are you doing online.

There are even more dangerous consequences than just tracking your activities. Using VPN also does not fully protect you from watching you by Internet providers, as they can do it in another way. Using cookie in Internet allows marketing companies to trace your activities easier, despite even the fact that you apply VPN during that session. It does not matter where (on which tabs) you spend your time: if one of them is traced, others opened are definitely traced too.

Category: Privacy