Are VPNs free?

There are two types of VPNs: some of them are truly free. Others can tell you that they are also free and at the same time earn money from your personal data. Be very careful.

  • Weak protocols – Almost all VPNs which provide free services offer you such technology as PPTP ( Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol), but nowadays it is regarded as outdated. It was created in early 1990s and since that time many weaknesses have been found. It’s protection can be crashed in several minutes from usual computer, sitting at home.
  • Slow speeds – We all love to get something for free, which means that huge amount of people are doing their business at the same time in the Internet. This causes incredibly slow loading of the pages.
  • Download limits – Using VPN for free very often restricts you from downloading more than you want.
  • Fewer locations – VPN for free can not offer you variety of places, as may do paid one.
  • Advertising – Everyone has to earn money to live and so do free VPN suppliers: they offer you their services for free, but you have to keep in mind that you will face a huge amount of ads and promotions during your Internet session.

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