The basics of VPN encryption

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“Encryption” means different ways of protecting your personal information with VPN.

With encryption it becomes impossible to read any sort of information for all the programmers, because it turns plain text into indistinct texts, unless they have a key to read it. The key is the only way to unlock an encryption and make the information readable again. And this key belongs solely to you and VPN server, to which you are connected. There is an antonym for encryption, called decryption, which means decoding the indistinct text into the understandable one using the key.

For instance, imagine the situation, when you buy something online: you enter all the financial data into the line in order to confirm payment. This data is always encoded and becomes readable only when it comes to the final point.

There are many types of encoding information utilized by various VPN suppliers. In order to make it clear, you can find out about the whole process below:

At the time when you start using VPN, all your data becomes encoded, going through the protected path. At this moment all your personal information turns into indistinct texts and continues to remain unclear until the end of the session.

Don’t worry about your IP address, because now it is the same address as of the server, that you chose to be connected to, granted by your VPN supplier.

And now it’s up to you what to search and watch in the net, being confident that all your data and browsing history is reliable protected by VPN

Depending on what type of the encoding systems your VPN supplier has and offers, the level of the protection of your personal data may vary.

VPN Types

The level of the protection of your data depends directly on the type of your Internet provider’s services you choose.

In order to create as full protection as possible, almost all VPN services try to collaborate with the internal functions of the device and its operating system (like Mac OS, Windows, Android etc.) making each application which requires internet immediately secured.

Standalone VPN Services

There is another possibility of encryption, which consists in protecting the whole network of one house or company and the main company in US, a company which does such encodings is Namecheap. It allows the whole private network to use the same VPN and all the devices can use it.

Browser Extensions

Some popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have possibilities to install VPN directly into it. You can find it in the settings of a browser and protect yourself. Furthermore, browser Opera has already pre-installed VPN inside. There are several disadvantages of such VPNs: firstly it allows you only to protect your information, using just that browser, which means that others applications will remain insecure. And secondly such VPN has weaker defense system. It is better to choose authoritative companies with many protection services when picking VPN for your browser. Be careful, there are loads of scammers and unsecure applications.

Router VPN

In case when you have a lot of devices that need protection from tracking and stocking, it’s better to install VPN directly to your router. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to connect your gadget to the Wi-Fi of the secured router and enjoy protected usage of the Internet.

It is not so complicated to install a router with VPN in your house: the only thing you must do is to choose appropriate and reliable VPN provider and then buy special router, which can maintain VPN system. These routers can be a little bit more expensive than the usual one, but nevertheless it’s cheaper than to install VPN for each device. Then you just enter all the given parameters into the router settings, turn it on and use the Internet.

Corporate VPN

There is also another kind of VPN protection which is used in businesses with workers who work far away from office. With it, those workers can securely enter the company’s network using the given passcode and specific application. Nevertheless, such long-distance networks are harder to establish and more expensive.

And now, after explaining how to install VPN and in what way it operates, it’s time to find out why is it so necessary?