Are VPNs secure?

bittorrent via vpn

VPN services that we offer are protected by the method mentioned before, called encoding. With the help of AES 256-bit system, created by the professional technologists, every information and activities you do online remain protected. It is often used in military industry and among different authorities, thereby it really works.

Nevertheless, be careful while choosing which VPN service to utilize best. It’s better to be well-acquainted with it, in order not to make horrible mistakes. Wrong VPN suppliers can take possession of your personal data and make money from it. Try to investigate the VPN provider to be sure what you are doing.

Okay so VPNs are secure, but are they legal?

Having privacy in the Internet has never been illegal, everyone has the right to it. But there are some cases, when people try to use VPN to their advantage – to perform some unlawful things, for example, which is considered of course illegal. Different authorities act diverse, some of them really consider VPN as unlawful app, as it restricts them from controlling their citizens. Therefore, before traveling or just moving try to examine the laws of the destination country concerning VPN in order not to be caught for doing some usual on the first sight things (you never know what can become illegal tomorrow).

There is one problem, that some platforms (like Netflix, for instance), do not provide entree to their facilities by reason of VPN. They distinguish whether you use VPN or not and block you if you do.

What about using a Smart DNS or Tor instead of a VPN service?

Smart DNS is a limited application which allows only to take access to different constrained platforms throughout the globe, for instance services which provide streaming. Smart DNC essentially differs from VPN in many ways. Using Smart DNS does not mean that you are protected from tracing and stacking of your personal information, especially when connected to free Wi-Fi outdoors. But it has some positive moments regarding the speed of the loading: in Smart DNS it is usually faster, as you do not have to use another server. Smart DNS is created for those people, who do not care about essential leaks of their personal information, mentioned above, and who just want to surf the Internet throughout the globe

A Smart DNS won’t provide you with the protection of a VPN

The main purpose of the application The Onion Router (Tor), which is for free, is to hide your identity online. Tor uses a variety of different spontaneous servers, for the purpose of protecting your address form tracking, and VPN on the contrary makes it only with one such server. Every server in Tor application creates a ladder with huge amount of stages in order to encode your data. Unfortunately, Tor has also its vulnerable points and suffers from frequent cyber attacks from both authorities and cyber criminals, as it is considered as a browser. Also, it is known that NSA have an hidden access to the Tor, which makes it so insecure. You can’t almost at all use systems of VPN suppliers with Tor.