Exalo VPN

Fast And Reliable Virtual Private Network

We have a no nog policy. Your connection is encrypted and we can’t even tap in to your traffic.
Who you are? No one knows..

9 Reasons To Use Our VPN

There are a lot of VPN service providers to choose from. Here we summarize what we have to offer our clients.

Ensure Privacy & Security

We have a no nog policy. Your connection is encrypted and we can't even tap in to your traffic. Who are you?

P2P and Torrents Allowed

We support both P2P downloads or torrents. You can connect with any server and use them for P2P or torrents.

VPN For 10 Devices At Once

Use ExaloVPN on 10 devices simultaniously. No VPN provider offers that from the cheapest plan on. We do.

No Customer Data Selling

We don't sell your data. Some VPN providers offer free services, guess who the real product is then.

Multiple Protocol Network

We support all the state of the art protocols: Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, PPTP.

We Don't have DNS Leaks

Our software and servers are programmed and setup to combat any potential chance on DNS leaks.

Unlimited Bandwidth For You

Unlimited is Unlimited. All of our plans are unmetered and up to 10 devices can use VPN at once.

Access Restricted Websites

Does the government of your country restrict acces to certain media? Use a VPN to bypass that restriction.

Cryptocurrency Accepted

Payment gateways usually use your personal information. Pay with crypto, stay anonymous.

Plans and Pricing

Exalo VPN has a unique pricing structure, whereby you can make up to 10 connections at the same time with each subscription type. That is unparalleled!

ExaloVPN Bulk Discount Options For Businesses

It is quite common that employees of a company are on the road. We believe every company should use VPN for their employees. Using safe browsing connection when on the road or in a public place is mandatory to keep your business safe from unidentified people.

To help you keep your business safe we have enabled bulk pricing for VPN business accounts.

Just add the billing period of choice to the cart. The discounts are automatically applied when you change the amount of VPN-accounts in the cart.

Number of accounts Percentage discount
10-19 Accounts 5%
20-49 Accounts 7%
50-99 Accounts 10%
100+ Accounts 15%


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